How to Guide Your Teen in Learning from Failure to Build Self-Confidence Without Having All the Answers

Build self confidence by learning from failure

Imagine being the guide for your teen's incredible adventure - their life.

Like the wise mentor in any story who guides the hero through failure and success, the mentor steps back, letting the hero be the hero!

Our role as parents is to step back and become a guide & mentor to your teen.

Your job is to pass over your hero's cape to your child and help them through life's challenges. Avoid becoming the heroic parent who always saves the day and help your child become the hero of their future stories.

If you're scratching your head and thinking, "How will I do this?" Don't worry. Here are 6 simple ways to help you become a Herofree Parent.


1. Understand Your New Role

Remember when your teen was a little kid, and you were their superhero?

You had all the answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. But now that they're growing up, things are changing. You're no longer the superhero but the wise mentor. Your teen is now the hero to face life's challenges and make their own decisions.

You are to give advice, not take over everything and provide solutions.


2. Embrace Failure

Let's not kid ourselves. Our heroes, whether from books, movies, or real life, all experience failure.

They stumble, fall, and make mistakes, but what makes them heroes is that they learn from those stumbles.

They pick themselves up, shake the dust off themselves and try again. That's the same lesson your teen needs to learn. So when your teen fails, don't rush to fix things. Let them feel the consequences and learn from them. They'll become stronger and more confident as a result.


3. Build Decision-Making Skills


Heroes make decisions - lots of decisions!

Your teen should do the same. Instead of taking decisions away from them, ask, "What do you think?" Guide them in weighing options and consequences. This will strengthen their decision-making skills, an essential part of their journey.

Remember to guide them, not dictate.


4. Offer Encouragement

Your teen will face challenges.

This is part of the hero's journey. As their guide, offer encouragement. Remind them of their strengths. Celebrate their small victories.

Even when they fail, remind them it's not the end of the world. This will give them the courage to try again.


5. Be a Safe Haven

Even heroes need a place to rest and recharge.

Be that place for your teen.

Provide a space where they feel safe to share their thoughts, fears, and dreams without being judged. This fosters trust and open communication.


6. Continue Learning

Herofree parenting doesn't mean you have all the answers.

You're still learning, too. It's okay to say, "I don't know," or "Let's figure it out together." This shows your teen that adults are still learning, too.

Remember that your teen is the hero of their own story.

As a Herofree Parent, you're the mentor and guide. Your job is to support and guide them while giving them the freedom to make choices, learn from mistakes, and build self-confidence.

They'll overcome their challenges with your love and guidance, just like the heroes they want to be.

Learning how to improve your relationship with your teen starts when you become a Herofree Parent.